Replica Papyrus

If you have hatred in your eyes, you will see it wherever you look

The text reads: 'If you have hatred in your eyes, you will see it wherever you look'

What I meant by this is that people often project their own hostility and prejudices onto others. This can be self-fulfilling; if we show hostility towards others because we believe they are hostile towards us, they will become hostile towards us. It is a self-fulfilling cycle of hostility, born of an unfounded negative attitude. I think this is an important lesson, and something we should be watchful for in ourselves.

I have been interested in the ancient Egyptian culture for many years, and have wanted to create a replica of a papyrus fragment for some time.

I wrote the phrase in 1999, made my first attempt to translate it into ancient Egyptian around 2000, reworked the translation again in 2011 and drew the design for the papyrus, then finally created the finished 'papyrus' in 2015. I am very glad to have finally finished this project, and I am quite pleased with the result (although I'm sure any genuine Egyptologist would find no end of mistakes in my attempt at translation).

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure Buried Treasure

I have buried a number of small golden canisters around the country, at locations important to me for one reason or another. Contained in each canister is a small rolled-up piece of paper with a message on it; something I consider to be important information or a valuable lesson I have learnt. Each is something I would like to leave behind me after I'm gone - a message to the future in a way.

My intention is that this 'buried treasure' will remain hidden for many years. In the unlikely event of any of these canisters being discovered within my lifetime, I would be very interested to know, so please contact me, and (if possible), rebury the canister in its original location.

Baddies at the Bus-Stop

Baddies at the Bus-Stop cover Baddies at the Bus-Stop p10

"Baddies at the Bus-Stop" is a book I have written, aimed at children around 4 years old. It is a 16 page picture book with a rhyming text.

I have included a low-resolution version of the book here - I hope you enjoy it: Baddies at the Bus-Stop

I was inspired to write the book by watching and listening to my son (who was four at the time) playing, and it was designed to appeal to him and his friends. He was very pleased with the result, and read it to anyone who would listen, joining in with the loud bits. He took it into school and it was read to his class. I was later asked to come into school to draw super-heroes with them as a result!


Here are various thoughts and opinions I have written on a number of topics that are important to me: